Sony’s new president thinks PSVR2 will outsell original PSVR

New Sony Corp. President Hiroki Totoki is confident in the success of the new PSVR2 and says there’s a “good chance” the new headset will beat sales of the original PSVR.


Sony’s new PSVR2 faces tough challenges. The VR headset launched in an inflation-driven economy with a hefty price tag of $549 and also requires a PS5 to play, bringing the minimum cost for the PSVR2 experience to $948 before taxes. PSVR2 could face more prohibitive hurdles if the gaming market continues to shrink and contract due to economic conditions.

Despite market contractions, Sony management is optimistic about the success of PSVR2. After all, the VR market has expanded with a wider array of hardware, from Meta’s affordable Quest HMDs to Sony’s PSVR offerings to Valve’s high-end Index VR headsets.

In a recent interview at Morgan Stanley technology conferenceSony Corp.’s new president and COO, Hiroki Totoki, thinks PSVR2 might actually beat the original PSVR’s 5 million lifetime sales.

“We are very happy to launch PSVR2 on PS5. With the first PSVR we sold around 5 million units and I think we have a good chance of exceeding that amount with PSVR2. If you look at the VR market as a whole , people are discussing a 30% CAGR for the first half of this decade,” Totoki said.

“We have good potential as a market for virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as good potential for technological development in this area as well.”

Sony’s new PSVR2 headset is currently available at PlayStation Direct Store.

Sony's new president thinks PSVR2 will outsell original PSVR 2020

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