Latest Pokémon: Go Players Delighted With Ultimate Galarian Zapdos Capture, Gholdengo’s Impossible Feat

The only thing better than catching a rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go has the Go Plus device, which plays on your behalf, does it for you, and for one player it caught a Galarian Zapdos.

In other news, a dedicated Pokemon Scarlet And Purple player with the patience of a saint managed to assemble a team from Gholdengo. It would have taken a long time due to what is required.

And on a final note, Niantic has reintroduced video ads that give players a chance to earn rewards, but the community feels it’s not worth it and they’re unimpressed.

Go Plus, the device defies the odds and catches Galarian Zapdos

THE Pokemon Go The Plus Device is a nifty tool that allows players to catch Pokémon on the fly without using their smartphone, among other things, and sometimes that results in a pleasant surprise.

For one player, that surprise was catching a Galarian Zapdos, which as other players have pointed out is pretty rare as is, let alone when done with a Go Plus device. There’s nothing like a gadget doing all the work for you, while reaping the rewards.

Scarlet And Purple the player assembles a team filled with Gholdengo

Two Gholdengos are better than one, but since evolving Gimmighoul into one costs 999 Gimmighoul Coins, which is not easy to find, it takes a lot of time and commitment. That was no problem for one player, however, who managed to put together a team of six, despite the fact that it would have taken an absurd amount of time to collect all 5,994 pieces.

Gholdengo also happens to be meta in the competitive scene, and while six of them might be over the top, it’s still a remarkable achievement and one that has left the fandom in awe.

Go brings back video ads with rewards, but no one cares

Just when you thought the chorus of fury directed at Niantic couldn’t get any louder, they decided to reintroduce video ads with an incentive for players to watch them by giving them rewards. The problem, however, is that the rewards aren’t compelling in the eyes of the community. In fact, they’re so bad that gamers agree they’re just not worth watching ads for.

“I wouldn’t watch a video for that,” one player said. “I had the AR promos…and was more than happy to do it for a Poffin. I stopped seeing them at the start of the new season and hoped they would come back. But it’s longer and doesn’t have good rewards.

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