Dell imagines the future of connectivity for business and gaming with Concept Nyx

As technologies like the Metaverse continue to grow, companies are looking for new ways to connect people through their computers. Dell’s idea for connecting people through virtual worlds and personalization is Concept Nyx.

Concept Nyx comprises two main ideas: connecting people for business through virtual methods and personalizing gaming and media experiences. With regard to business, Concept Nyx is focused on leveraging virtual reality (VR) and augmented/mixed reality (AR) to better connect people getting work done. To that end, Concept Nyx will incorporate an entire ecosystem of devices, including styli, spatial measuring tools, and VR and AR equipment.

Concept Nyx may also include things like automated digital avatars to replace the static profile picture if someone needs to step away from a teleconference or shared virtual tablets for improved collaborative work.

In addition to work applications, Dell will also focus on gaming projects under Concept Nyx. Currently, the primary gaming focuses are on split-screen techniques to enjoy media content and play a game on the same screen and a customizable controller that can be personalized on a per-game and per-user basis.

The controller, which is currently in the concept phase, will include things like thumbsticks with variable resistances and other configurable components. These can be set to individual users via a fingerprint reader in the center of the controller, and settings can be set to individual games.

Dell also envisions utilizing AI to help “multitasking;” in its current form, Concept Nyx may include an AI assistant that listens for a particular name or listens for when a question is asked so that users can divide their attention between important meetings and other tasks. That this piece was included in the gaming literature for Concept Nyx is interesting, and readers can draw their own conclusions as to Dell’s goal with this one.

Currently, Concept Nyx is in pre-development. All of these features are subject to change, and there is nothing concrete in the project as of press time. However, the current iteration of Concept Nyx shows where Dell may be concentrating its attention in the future.


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