CES 2023: All the Major Announcements From Samsung, Nvidia, LG, Panasonic and TCL


Kent German/CNET

It’s January, which means it’s time for the world’s largest tech show, CES, in Las Vegas. Also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, the roughly weeklong event is the place some of the world’s largest tech companies announce their latest products like smartphones, PCs and headphones. You’ll also find appliances like TVs and intelligent cooking and cleaning assistants. And increasingly, we’re seeing virtual reality and augmented reality headsets too.

The event, which will officially run Jan. 5 through Jan 8., is expected to attract some 100,000 attendees, marking the first time the event’s attendance has broken six figures since the coronavirus pandemic was declared three years ago. The most recent version of CES, held in January 2022 amid the omicron COVID variant, drew only 44,000 attendees and was cut short by a day.

One of the emerging trends from CES over the past couple of years has been sustainability efforts by device makers like Samsung, electric cars, and newly engineered foods like plant-based burgers, pork and chicken.

We at CNET have teams of reporters on the ground and working remotely to cover CES this year, following each of the announcements with real-time updates, insights and analysis you can only find here.

Stay tuned as our live coverage kicks off Wednesday, Jan. 4, with press conferences from electronics giant LG and chipmaker Nvidia starting at 8 am PT / 11 am ET.

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