Samsung Galaxy S23 could have crazy bright display, stronger glass protection

Samsung is known for bringing the best displays in the industry with its flagship phones. The company sets a new record for smartphone display brightness and color accuracy each year. Earlier this year, the company launched the Galaxy S22+ and the Galaxy S22 Ultra with up to 1,750 nits peak brightness and Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection.

Next year, with the Galaxy S23 series, the company could do even better in screen brightness and protection.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra could have up to 2,200 nits peak screen brightness

It is rumored that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will break records once again for display brightness. The upcoming flagship smartphone will reportedly feature an E6 Super AMOLED LTPO 3.0 display with a peak brightness of around 2,200 nits. That’s about 200 nits brighter than the current record holder, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. If true, the smartphone could be a marvel to look at even under direct sunlight.

The South Korean firm is also said to have improved PWM dimming of close to 2,000Hz, slightly less than the BOE Q9 screen with a PWM dimming of 2,160Hz. This should reduce eye strain by a fair margin.

While Samsung is rumored to stick to a 120Hz refresh rate for its upcoming Galaxy S series phones, the company could bring stronger display protection. The devices are rumoured to feature the strongest glass protection among all Android phones released in Q1 2023. They could feature a newer version of Gorilla Glass with protection performance closer to Apple’s Sapphire Glass.

The Galaxy S23 series could also feature a new glass covering for the rear-facing camera, enhancing the image quality, especially in low-light conditions. While Samsung is not bringing many major changes (except for the 200MP camera) with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, all these little improvements could help along the way for a better experience.

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