Webex Go Available for Mobile Users in the UK

Cisco has revealed that its Webex Go solution is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the UK.

The mobile-first app is designed to support hybrid workforces that are on the move while ensuring that calls are secure, compliant, and private.

The platform, released in 2021 for users in the United States of Americalets users make and receive business calls using a smartphone’s native dialer rather than a softphone application.

Sonu Arora, Director of Product Management for Webex Callingcommented: “Webex Go is a seamless way to deliver Webex Calling to the device that your employees use the most: their personal mobile phone.

“Webex Go is essential for businesses that need to support a hybrid workforce while ensuring that calls are secure, compliant, and private.

“We continue to receive tremendous feedback from our United States launch, and we’re excited to announce that Webex Go is now available in the United Kingdom on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.”

According to Cisco, mobile phones are essential devices to deliver the agility and productivity needed to be successful in a hybrid working environment.

Webex Go ensures that workers can always be accessible whether they are on the move, working from home, or away from their desks.

The app is designed to allow businesses to rely on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies so employees can use their mobile phones for business communication.

It means that organizations can eliminate the cost of purchasing new phones, as well as the inconvenience of separate personal and business devices.

Webex Go extends a user’s Webex Calling line to the second line on their personal mobile phone so users can make business calls through a native calling experience that they’re used to.

Mobility is included within a Webex Calling license, so it is easy to deploy Webex Go to employees.

Alongside the Webex Calling license, users need a Webex PSTN calling plan, a Webex Go mobile plan and then a supported mobile device.

The Webex Go app can be added to an Apple iPhone XR or later, a Samsung Galaxy S21 or later and Cisco has confirmed that Google Pixel support is coming soon.

Cisco is putting a lot of focus on making hybrid work environments as successful as possible, which was a clear theme at WebexOne 2022.

During the event, Cisco announced updates to the Webex Suite, along with a new collaboration device and partnerships to help expand its collaboration footprint.

According to Cisco, the innovations have been designed to help customers navigate any challenges they face as offices reopen and give people flexibility over their working patterns.

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