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The Anker MagGo 622 magnetic battery is a great way to ensure that your iPhone doesn’t run out of power when you’re away from a charging point. It has some advantages over the official Apple MagSafe battery pack in that it is cheaper, has a larger battery capacity, and comes in a selection of colors. There’s also the built-in stand that is really handy, The MagGo 622 can take a fully flat battery in an iPhone up to 80 percent of charge–that’s 20 percent better than Apple’s own offering and it can do it quicker, too.

If you want your iPhone to keep going, even if the battery isn’t quite as robust as you’d hoped, then popping one of these in your bag means you should last until you get home. One caveat: due to the size of the unit, you can’t use this pack with the iPhone mini models.

To see the other options available, take a look at our best MagSafe portable battery pack roundup.

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