Mario Movie Leak Reveals First Look at Yoshi and Fire Mario [Update]

UPDATE: Since the article was published, it has been discovered that the Yoshi and Fire Mario figurines in the image below are figurines from previous toy lines. In other words, they are not related to the upcoming Mario movie, unlike the Mario and Peach figurines.

A new leak has revealed to Nintendo fans their first look at both Yoshi proper and Fire Mario in the new Mario movie, or well kind of. The leak comes from some supposed merchandise for the game that hasn’t been revealed yet or, more specifically, some figurines. According to the leak, the figurines in question are prototypes, which is good news for all that would be interested in purchasing them because they aren’t very easy on the eye. Because of this, what they reveal should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt, but considering the Mario, Peach, and Toad generally look like their movie counterparts, or at least that’s the attempt, it’s safe to assume the Yoshi and Fire Mario figurines are generally representative as well.

That’s right, the leaked figurines include Yoshi and Fire Mario, neither of which we’ve seen in movie form yet. As you can see, Yoshi largely looks like Yoshi, while Fire Mario looks like the Fire Mario version of Mario in the movie. In other words, there are no surprises here.

Below, you can check out the figurines for yourself:

For now, this is just a leak, and thus everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. In addition to this, the leak notes the figurines pictured are prototypes, which means another grain of salt should be taken because even if this leak is real it may not be very revealing.

At the time of publishing, none of the involved parties have commented on any of this. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. The leak surfaced online during a holiday so radio silence is to be expected, however, leaks like this don’t usually draw out comments so holiday or not this probably won’t change.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to debut on April 7 in the United States and on April 28 in Japan. It remains to be seen how well it will do but its considerable hype, the IP attached to it, and the fact that video game adaptations are in vogue right now suggest a big box office hit.


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