Woman’s theory on why men get married divides the internet: ‘Can’t get it out of my head’

A woman’s theory about why men get married when they do has gone viral – leaving the internet divided.

Taylor Herd, whose TikTok handle is @Taytalkspod, said she first heard the theory from a wedding photographer.

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“Ever since I head this theory, I cannot get it out of my mind,” she says in the video.

“But marry the woman in front of them at the time they are ready to get married.

“Let’s talk about it.”

Taylor said she randomly stumbled across the theory after scrolling through social media one day.

Taylor Herd explains her theory of why men get married when they do. Credit: TikTok/Taytalk podcast

“I came across this wedding photographer,” she said.

“She’s obviously been at a lot of weddings, and she observed that the men were marrying the woman in front of them at the time they were ready to get married, implying that that wasn’t necessarily that man’s soulmate or that man’s love of his life.

“It was just the girl he was dating at the time he was ready to get married and settle down.

“When a man decides that he is financially and emotionally ready to settle down and ready to start a family, he takes a way different approach to dating.

“That part of his brain that thinks, ‘oh wait, there’s another girl out there’ shuts off, because now his focus is on marriage.

“It’s not about finding the next best thing.”

The post has been viewed more than three million times and attracted thousands of comments, some agreeing with the theory and others not.

“Wedding photographer here and it definitely makes sense,” one follower observed.

“Then they message the one they love eight to 10 years later…” another wrote.

TikTok user Taylor Herd. Credit: TikTok/Taytalk podcast

“Applies to the men whose lost that ‘one’ girl who got away,” another speculated.

“Yes agree, and also the woman who is easy to deal with,” one follower said.

“I’ve heard it and seen it. Ex literally married the next girl he dated after I ended things,” one follower shared.

“I asked why and he said, he’s going to be 30 soon.”

“Yes and the woman who checks the boxes of what his family, religion, circle expect of him,” another wrote.

“He will reject the girl he loves if she doesn’t fit that.”

Others noted it wasn’t only men who married whoever was “in front of them.”

“Kim K said she married Kris (Humphries) just because she was 30 and all her friends were getting married,” one person noted.

Added another: “I honestly think girls do this too … I’ve seen friends settle for less than I know they can get.”

“This is my entire theory on marriage in general not just for men,” said another.

Taylor Herd said men marry the woman in front of them when they decide it’s time to settle down. Credit: TikTok/Taytalk podcast

But others vehemently disagreed with the idea that men just married whoever was around at the time they decided it was time to settle down.

“You refuse. I will never marry a woman that I don’t know is the one,” one man wrote.

“I won’t even date a woman if my heart is with another.”

“Completely disagree. I waited until I found a partner worth building a life with,” wrote another.

“Disagree … this theory is from women who truly loved but refuse to realize that their man may not have loved them at that same level,” one follower offered.

Others were just a bit depressed by the seed Taylor’s theory had planted in their mind.

“I don’t want to get married anymore haha,” one person wrote, while another said: “Bae are you only just finding this out?”

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