TikToker divides the internet with controversial marriage theory

A woman has divided the internet after sharing a theory on why men get married, saying it’s less about love and more about timing.

The woman, who goes by @taytalksspod on TikTok, explained that she had once heard a theory that men marry the person they are dating when they’re ready to settle down, rather than marrying for love – and, ever since, she hasn’t t been able to stop thinking about it.

“I was scrolling through TikTok one day, as we all do, and I came across this photographer,” Tay said, adding that the woman had worked at a lot of weddings.

A woman, who goes by Tay Talks on TikTok, uploaded a video explaining the “real reason” why men get married.

“And she observed that the men who were getting married were marrying the woman in front of them when they were ready to get married – implying that the partner wasn’t that man’s soulmate or the love of his life.

“Instead, it’s the girl he was dating when he decided he was ready to get married and settle down.”

She said that when men are in an emotional, financial, and mature enough position to settle down, he takes a different approach to dating.

“That part of his brain where he thinks there may be another girl out there shuts off because now he’s thinking about marriage,” she said.

Tay Talks
The theory divided social media users.

Social media users had a mixed reaction to the theory.

One said: “Because men tend to lose the love of their lives from being immature/not ready/cheating.

“Whereas women tend to level up with their partners.”

Another added: “What do I do with this information?”

Someone who agreed with the theory said: “Yes and the woman who checks the boxes of what his family, religion, and circle expect of him. He will reject the girl he loves if she doesn’t fit that.”

One person, who was also a wedding photographer, said the theory made sense.

One commenter said it wasn’t only men who were guilty of doing this, but women did the same.

But some men vehemently disagreed with the theory.

One said: “Disagree completely. I waited until I found a partner worth building a life with.”

Another added: “I refuse. I will never marry a woman that I don’t know is the one.

“I won’t even date a woman if my heart is with another.”


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