Maturity is realizing that Anshuman was not entirely wrong; the internet is responding

After superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s DDLJ, it is Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor’s ‘Jab We Met’ that holds a special place in people’s hearts. The Imtiaz Ali directorial is not just a film but an emotion for many Indians.

Starting from Geet’s innocence to the mature Aditya and the cheater Anshuman, the 2007 movie is really very special as people can feel and live each character in the movie. From recreating various scenes from the film to dance to its hit numbers, the internet is filled with videos of Jab We Met that perfectly showcase the evergreen popularity of the film among youngsters.

Meanwhile, social media users have started a debate about Anshuman, the lover of Geet. Many believe that he was not entirely wrong, though his way of dumping Geet was wrong. Was Anshuman really wrong or was Geet living in her own dream world?

Netizens are divided over Geet and Anshuman and flooded the comment sections with their version of opinions.

A user commented, “No brother Anshuman was wrong that day he was scared why didn’t he take a stand later till Aditya came he didn’t even think what would happen to Geet. Your fake love and less courage has shaken anyone’s existence, it is not a joke to love and leave it.”

“Nobody! sometimes a second chance can lead to your tears. A person who can leave you once can leave you again and again. It’s hard to build trust, but it’s easy to cut it. This was wrong! Geet loved him and he destroyed her but made her better and she found the best part of her life who deserved her – Aditya,” commented one user.

A third user commented, “Yes! He wasn’t completely wrong, but he was wrong in leaving her alone in an unknown city. If he really loved her, he would never let her go alone in Shimla. She didn’t even know that place. It was a completely new place for her but he still pushed her away from there. He would have thought that something bad might happen to her. She is a girl but still he didn’t care so that’s why he was wrong as girlfriend. Totally wrong.”

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