Your Galaxy device may be stuck on the July 2022 Play system update

Last updated: January 2nd, 2023 at 15:06 UTC+01:00

The Android OS and monthly security patches aren’t the only updates that your device gets. Play system updates are also rolled out every month for compatible Android devices directly by Google. It appears that the update has not arrived on some of Samsung’s most popular devices.

Multiple threads have emerged on Reddit and Samsung’s official support forums highlighting that several Samsung Galaxy phones remain stuck on the July 2022 Play system update. It’s unclear why that’s so and there’s not much that Samsung can do here to address the matter.

Some devices can’t go beyond the July 2022 Play system update

The Google Play system updates are rolled out directly by Google for all compatible Android devices. It often takes more than a couple of weeks for each monthly update to arrive on your device. It’s a server-side roll out which means you don’t get an update notification like you do for an Android OS or security patch update.

The issue appears to be widespread in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 series. They remain stuck on the July 2022 Play system update. The threads also include reports from Galaxy A53 owners who have experienced the same issue. Other Galaxy phones are affected as well for no apparent reason. The issue appears to have originated after these devices were updated to Android 13 One UI 5.0

Manually checking for a Play system update doesn’t seem to do the trick. Even if an option to install a new build appears, it remains stuck on the July 2022 update even after installation and device reboot. It’s not immediately clear what’s causing the issue or if anything is being done to address it.

Samsung has not commented on the matter as yet. Then again, there’s not much the company can do if the issue is entirely on Google’s end. The internet giant is keeping its silence on the matter at this point in time. We’ll update you if that changes.

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