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Updated: March 16, 2023 | 3:08 a.m

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We know about party animals, but have you ever heard of a sleeping animal?

Google Pixel has, and they want to make sure we all know what’s out of sleep, after tracking your sleep with their new Google Pixel Watch, powered by Fitbit.

While the smartwatch does a lot more than sleep tracking (more on that later), in honor of Sleep Week, we wanted to highlight the unique sleep features on the watch that you won’t find anywhere else.

We were able to review the smartwatch alone, and in combination with the Google Pixel 6a phone, as they are made to be used together for the full Google experience, although any Pixel model will suffice. After going to the gym, working out and of course in bed, read on for our findings, plus other watch specs and features you should know before you buy.

What is the Google Pixel Watch and what can it do?


See what we can do!

However, to answer that question, you must first choose your make and model. The Pixel Watch comes in a WiFi-enabled version as well as an LTE version, the latter of which pairs with your phone’s plan and can take calls and send text messages with your data plan. Should you choose the WiFi version, you can still use all the functions of the watch, just on a WiFi network and not on the go.

Then choose if you want to add the premium Fitbit membership to your plan or not. More about prices in the next section, but if you choose a premium membership, you unlock more features such as a Sleep Score and a Sleep Profile, given to you after 15 days of wearing your watch at night.

Regardless of the model you choose, the features of the Google Pixel Watch also include heart rate monitoring, basic sleep tracking, fitness tracking for exercises via Fitbit, Google calendar and Google maps directions.

How much is the Google Pixel Watch and Fitbit membership?


​​​​​​​When you get into the numbers, how much will a Pixel watch set you back? Again, there are options. If you want the least expensive option, the WiFi-only Google Pixel Watch can be found for $350 or less.

For the LTE-enabled device that gives you more range while taking phone calls and texting, the price is typically $50 more, to $400 at most retailers.

Finally, while the device can be used on a free Fitbit account, to unlock the full potential of the watch, a Fitbit Premium membership will set you back $10 per month. The good news? You can try before you buy, as each watch comes with six months of Fitbit Premium free.

Google Pixel compared to other smartwatches

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Have you seen any smartwatches lately? It makes sense because there are a lot more on the market than there used to be, and so we want you to know the differences between the top models.

For those with an iPhone, the Apple Watch might make the most sense, while Android users might be best set with the Samsung Watch or even the Garmin line of watches. During our time with the Google Pixel Watch, we realized that the best scenario for use is when it is accompanied by the Google Pixel phone, unable to pair with Apple or other phones.

For the basics, check out our chart with top features, price and compatibility all considered.

Our review: Sleep tracking and more with the Google Pixel Watch

Sophie Cannon

Sleep before work? Count me in!

Just kidding, because after my 9-to-5 I still got the same amount of sleep as I normally do, but this time I followed some sort of of sleep. What does it mean? While wearing my Pixel Watch for 14 days, I was able to see how much deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep I got per night, down to the minute, and it tracked my restlessness and moments when I would wake up.

Having this data was super cool, like while you’re sleeping you’re, well, sleeping, and won’t know why you might feel energized or groggy when you wake up. The insights showed me what my sleep pattern was, with bedtimes and wake times, along with trends in my heart rate and more.

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After a night’s sleep, the watch shows what it recorded, including how much you slept to the minute.

Sophie Cannon

The watch also breaks down the amount of your sleep is deep, light, REM and awake moments, by time and duration.

Sophie Cannon

For those who have the Fitbit Premium membership, you can see even more data, such as a complete sleep profile and even a sleep animal that populates after 14 days of continuous wear at night. The profile appears on the first of each month, so check back here for the update – am I a night owl hedgehog or an early bird parrot?

As for other activities, I found the watch did a great job tracking my steps and heart rate, during the day and during exercise classes. I will say it’s not the best at tracking a workout on its own (it missed me doing a sweaty yoga session!), but you can access the fitness app on the watch and manually tell it to cycle to take, run or other exercise with ease.

Sophie Cannon


  • Very in-depth sleep tracking with great insights you won’t find anywhere else
  • Easy to learn and use daily
  • Holds a decent charge throughout the night
  • Slim and comfortable to wear
  • Mid-tier price range
  • Offered in a WiFi only or an LTE-enabled version for cell service
  • Water resistant and durable for everyday wear
  • Bright display that is easy to customize with the time, steps, heart rate and more


  • Works only with the Google Pixel phones
  • Need to charge in the morning after wearing at night
  • Not the best when tracking exercise
  • Recommend the Fitbit Premium membership for all features

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