Hands-on: Nomad’s fresh limited edition ‘Electric Blue’ Apple Watch Sport Band

Nomad has today launched a new variant of its Apple Watch Sport Band. The limited edition “Electric Blue” offers a sharp pop of color for spring. Read on for a hands-on look at this new Apple Watch band and some of the benefits beyond Apple’s own Sport Band.

I tested the limited edition Electric Blue Nomad Sport Band with my Apple Watch Ultra. It features the same tried and true design and features as the existing Nomad Sport Band in a new limited edition colorway.

Incidentally, Apple just launched its new spring watch band colors this morning, but Nomad’s Electric Blue has a richer and more vibrant tone than Apple’s new “Sky” Sport band which is a muted pastel shade.

Nomad’s new Electric Blue reminds me of the very first blue Apple used for the original Apple Watch Sport Band back in 2015.

Nomad Sport Band specifications

  • FKM fluoroelastomer rubber
  • 100% waterproof
  • Interior ventilation channels
  • Custom aluminum locking pin
  • 150mm size – “one size fits most” for 45 and 49mm Apple Watches
  • Designed for Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, 7, 6, SE, and all previous versions of Apple Watch
  • Price: $59.95

As I shared when I previously reviewed the Nomad Sport Band, I appreciate that the pill-shaped closure pin design provides a more secure fit than the ball-shaped pin that Apple uses with its Sport Band. The Nomad Sport Band also offers full customization.

Nomad Electric Blue Sport Band for Apple Watch back

Like the limited edition High Volta color, I really like the vibrancy of the Electric Blue. I think it looks sharp with Apple Watch Ultra and will go well with any other Apple Watch finish.

If you haven’t tried Nomad’s Sport Band before, the ventilation channels really improve airflow for a more breathable experience compared to the flat design of Apple’s Sport Band. I have been using Nomad’s Sport Bands for over a year and they are comfortable for the whole day.

Nomad Electric Blue Sport Band Apple Watch Limited Edition
Ventilation channels on the back of the Nomad Sport Band

One thing to note for Apple Watch Ultra, even though the fit is perfect with the newest Apple Watch when the Nomad Sport Band is installed, there is a slight change in the tolerance where the band connects.

For a simple fix, you can simply use your finger to press the center black pill-shaped pin on the edge of each Sport Band strap as you slide it into the Ultra (this won’t be a problem on other Apple Watch models ).

Grab the limited edition Electric Blue

You can pick up the Nomad Electric Blue Sport Band for Apple Watch now for a limited time. It is made for 45/49 mm Apple Watches in the M/L 150mm size (fits most wrists), priced at $59.95. Other colors include Lunar Grey, Ash Green, Marine Blue, Ultra Orange, and Black.

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