fpPS4 0.0.1 : New release for the PS4 Emulator, now 70 games playable (+Temmie’s launcher update)

To celebrate the new year, developer Red-Prig has released a new build of fpPS4. The popular emulator has seen consistent progress made over the past few months, with testers now reporting 70 games as playable.

fpPS4 0.01 is more of a “milestone” release to celebrate 2023, but with no specific changelog posted. Nevertheless, this has now become the most advanced PS4 emulator to date, in this writer’s opinion.

PS4 Emulator – What is fpPS4

fpPS4 is a PS4 emulator for Windows x64, more specifically a “PS4 compatibility layer (emulator) on Free Pascal”. According to the developer, this project is made for fun and just in its beginning stage.

FpPS4 already runs some commercial games. The compatibility list now shows 70 games as “playable” (56 commercial games, 14 homebrew games) and 46 more that go “ingame” (which at this point means they most likely have game-breaking issues). Playable games include Sonic Mania, Super Meat Boy, Undertale, 10 Second Ninja X, Uncanny Valley, Asdivine hearts, and Shutshimi. You’ll need a decent GPU to get playable framerates, though.

2D Games marked as “playable” play great for the most part in fpPS4 in my experience. Tiny Troopers Joint Ops is now marked as “playable” in the compatibility list, but I personally wouldn’t go that far, and simply consider it “ingame”. I doubt anyone managed to get it to run at acceptable framerates at the moment.

John Godgames has a pretty up-to-date video with some games being tested in the emulator (and, yeah, kinda sat to see Doom run at 13fps on some modern computer…)

In parallel, fpPS4 can also be enhanced with a GUI such as Temmie’s fpPS4 launcher, which has been seeing lots of improvements lately as well.

Download fpPS4 0.0.1

Note: If you like Red-Prig’s work on fpPS4, you can support him on Boost.

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