“Focusing on Building a Virtual World Like the Real World,” Says NVIDIA Executive

NVIDIA, a pioneer in accelerated computing, is more than a GPU manufacturer, says Vishal Dhupar, MD, Asia South, NVIDIA Graphics Pvt Ltd. In an exclusive interaction with The Hinduhe talks about the company’s upcoming Spring GTC, augmented reality and virtual reality use cases, and more.

Edited excerpts:

What is NVIDIA’s direction right now and what are its key growth areas?

Vishal Dhupar: NVIDIA’s goal is to make virtual worlds look like the real world. With generative AI, enabled by accelerated computing, being the hottest topic of discussion, NVIDIA is working to create computing platforms that enable this growth.

We enjoy solving difficult problems and have devoted our whole lives to it. We have created solutions that have an impact on society. NVIDIA sits at the intersection of computer graphics, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence.

How do you see the growth of AI and VR and what do you think will be their most important use cases?

DV: When we enter the virtual world we tend to stay longer if it looks more realistic, otherwise we reject it and from the beginning our goal has been to solve this problem through programmable shaders.

When it comes to use cases, AI is a boon for Industry 4.0 and provides the flexibility to generate new content in the form of text and video, as well as auto-write codes. And with several new models, which are large and fundamental, you can now combine and create elements that involve collaboration in different aspects of manufacturing and simulation.

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How do you see the impact of AI on people’s lives?

DV: In India, people are very fond of selfies and short videos, and they want to show what is going on. But if you add wealth to it, you can build a much larger community around it, and then you can become an influencer and monetize it.

Content creation and richness is a big thing. I think that’s going to have a positive impact, especially when you take your own digital experience and your own data and apply that, what’s built will be unique to you.

What are some of the non-AI focus areas for NVIDIA?

DV: NVIDIA is a computing platform company. You can create specialized solutions where you take semiconductor, chip or processor and leverage the architecture through tools and libraries, which are created for a specific need.

For example, if you want to create the engine of any company, which is a recommendation, how are you going to do it? You will have pre-trained data and algorithms in models already made.

NVIDIA gives you flexibility. It gives you the ability to engage in different stages that you can engage only at the bullet level. If you know you want the flexibility to use your own tools, you can take advantage of the chipset with our toolset and speed up your work.

How important is India to NVIDIA as a company?

DV: I’m really excited about India. India has accelerated to get innovations that can address some of the daunting challenges we face in agriculture, healthcare, mobility education, and many more use cases. We have seen that many think tanks have entered the scene. They basically catch the attention of researchers trying to use native AI to leverage AI for India.

Thus, the infrastructure must be accelerated for deployment. But we are on the right track. The second is really the Indian stack which is about population, scale and small transactions.

So, with infrastructure, India has the perfect combination to attract new businesses, change the way we operate and, most importantly, solve many societal challenges.

What is GTC and how important is it to the developer community?

DV: There are six corridors and one of the corridors relates to how to build trust-based models during a period where the previous year brings more data than the previous hundred years. The T&Cs aim to answer questions such as how to manage data? How can I secure it? How to create cyber defense earlier in a new environment and implement it.

The GTC is an opportunity for millions of developers. And in India, which has more than half a million native students, you really have to go and see what impact they can have on society.

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