Nvidia GTC highlights the physical side of AI

ChatGPT has kicked off a wave of interest in AI. For many consumers, AI is finally meeting long-overdue expectations. The achievements of ChatGPT in a short time are phenomenal. But what’s yet to come when AI is combined with robotics will change everything.

I have been promoting advances in robotics for several years. I’ve even called 2022 the year of robotics, partly because of the growing need to overcome labor shortages and handle tasks beyond the physical or mental capacity of humans, and partly because of the continuous advancements that AI, accelerated processing, semiconductors, sensors, wireless connectivity, and software technologies are enabling to develop advanced, autonomous machines. Robots are no longer just for manufacturing workshops. They are hazmat handlers, janitors, personal assistants, food preparers, food delivery people, security guards and even increasingly self-sufficient surgeons. Essentially, they are AIs in the physical world. As a result, robot competitions are springing up from colleges to Las Vegas.

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