Blitz on Workday’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Welcome to the Cloud Wars Minute — your daily news and commentary show, hosted by Cloud Wars founder Bob Evans. Each episode offers insights and perspectives around the “reimagining machine” that is the Cloud.

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In this Cloud Wars Minute, Bob Evans outlines Workday’s 38 use cases that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

Strong points

00:38 — With the Golden Gate Bridge behind him, Bob uses it as a metaphor for what’s happening in the business world – deviating from “traditional” ways and entering an age of AI and ML.

01:08 — Workday just released 38 use cases that leverage AI and ML technologies. Further details will be available in today’s Cloud Wars News article.

01:28 — The company has been an active and enthusiastic supporter of AI and ML for nearly a decade, says Bob; these technologies are one of the reasons the company has grown the way it has. It also contributed to the company’s loyal customer base.

02:07 — With Workday, AI and ML are not “features”. They are deeply embedded in its products and applications, forming a central element of the company’s identity.

02:33 — Bob shares some key points from Workday’s 38 use cases:

  • Use cases cover major parts of Workday’s business: HCM and Financials
  • Additionally, these use cases address customer experience and future areas of work.
  • There is a “huge appetite” and demand from CEOs for the inclusion of AI and ML in the business world and these executives want to hear about it in the context of their business

03:37 — Leaders are “leaving behind the magic stuff” related to AI and ML, focusing on the growth, simplification, acceleration, and innovation that can come from these technologies. “Perhaps this is the bridge that takes us into the future of ML and AI,” Bob suggests.

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