AMD Ryzen 7000 Zen4 CPUs are 5 times less popular than Zen3 according to December retailer sales

Retailer data shows that only 15% of AMD Ryzen sales in December were of Zen4 CPUs, despite price cuts

Some Ryzen 7000 CPUs were discounted by up to 20% in late November, which theoretically should have helped AMD with the sales of Zen4 desktop. However, that is not entirely the case.

Reddit Ingebor has the latest report featuring AMD and Intel CPU sales at Mindfactory. This German retailer provides public data on how many CPUs were sold each day. This allows people to collect information over time and deliver very interesting insights later on.

The latest December report that is now online, shows a clear slowdown on the CPU market. The revenue from AMD and Intel CPUs sales has dropped over the last month, but it is still higher than it was in the summer.

The percentage of AMD CPU now sold is 15% for Raphael (Zen4/Ryzen 7000), 13% for Cezanne (Zen3/Ryzen 5000G) and 71% for Vermeer (Zen3/Ryzen 5000). This means that Zen3 architecture alone accounts for 84% of total sales, 5.6x more than Zen4. For comparison, for Intel Raptor Lake that’s 46% of total sales, compared to 43% of its predecessor Alder Lake.

AMD & Intel CPU Sales Data from Mindfactory, Source: ingebor

In terms of individual CPUs, AMD processors still lead the charts in total products sold and revenue. The Ryzen 5800X3D, 5600X and 5800X are the top 3 most popular CPUs, followed by Intel’s Core i5-12400F. Unfortunately the most popular Ryzen 7000 CPU (7700X) was still 3 times less popular than Ryzen 7 5800X3D.

AMD & Intel CPU Sales Data from Mindfactory, Source: ingebor

However, CPU sales may look better soon as both AMD and Intel are just about to provide an important update to their CPU series. The 65W variants of Ryzen 7000 non-X and 65W 13th Gen Core non-K series are to be announced this week at CES 2023.

Source: Reddit/ingebor

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