AMD partner suspects a faulty batch of reference Radeon 7900 GPUs is affected by thermal issues

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There might be a faulty batch of reference AMD Radeon 7900 GPUs

Igor Wallossek has provided a brief update to Der8auer’s findings.

As a reminder, Der8auer has recently posted a video focusing on AMD Radeon 7900 reference card thermal throttling related issues. Although he has not yet provided a full explanation, he claims that it is very likely that a faulty vapor chamber might be the main culprit behind GPU hot spot issues and as a result, thermal throttling.

Today Igor weighs in by sharing a note from a board partner. It is reported that the undisclosed OEM suspects that at least one faulty batch of Radeon 7900 series might have left the factory. The possible issue being described is insufficient coolant added to the vapor chamber.

Possible explanation of Radeon 7900 thermal problem, Source: Igor’sLAB

Igor does not want to spoil the der8auer’s new findings, so what is important is that the YouTuber is to share a new video tomorrow which should provide us more information.

For those affected it is really too early to tell if these claims are even true. And even if there is a faulty batch of Radeon 7900 reference cards, it is not clear how many were made and where they were sent to yet.

Source: Igor’sLAB via ComputerBase

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