‘Carlos Alcaraz has everything to make history’, says former star

A historic season. Embellished by the first Grand Slam of his career and the top spot in the standings, he somehow ‘snatched’ Casper Ruud in the decisive match. At the age of nineteen, Carlos Alcaraz completely smashed the record book, unequivocally marking the game’s history and becoming the youngest person to reach the top of the world rankings since 1973.

“It means a lot to me,” he told the ATP website during a lengthy interview. “To have the number one trophy in my hands, to have rewritten the history of the sport, is an incredible feeling. I never thought that I could achieve these results at this age.

It all happened very quickly, but it’s still something I’ve dreamed of since I was a child and it’s the result of all the work I’ve done. Nothing has been easy,” he said. Alcaraz spoke of the most important moments of the season with some sincerity, also highlighting some more hidden facets of his personality.

His success in Madrid, before his own family, a handful of months after his first “1000” victory in Miami, was also historic. “I am a guy who is very attached to his family. Since I was a child, I preferred to stay at my parents’ house than anywhere else.

Being able to celebrate that title with them, my uncles, my loved ones, was incredible”, he affirmed. Precisely in Miami, due to the loss of his father, Juan Carlos Ferrero had been the only member of the team who did not travel to Florida, but instead Homecoming.

“Let’s say that if he is not the most important person for me at the moment, we are close. From a professional point of view and also from a human point of view. He helps me a lot in both cases. When we are together we just talk about everything.”

Lapentti opens up on Alcaraz

Retired since 2011 and former 6th player in the world, Nicolas Lapentti recently spoke in Craig Shapiro’s podcast on the future of Carlos Alcaraz, who is constantly compared to members of the Big 3 such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

. And for the Ecuadorian, if Carlitos wants to join them in the hierarchy, he will absolutely have to stay healthy. “The big question is whether he (Carlos Alcaraz) will be able to win as many Grand Slams as these three guys (Nadal, Federer and Djokovic).

Everything will depend on his health. Will he be able to stay healthy for the next 15–18 years? We never know. Will he be able to stay mentally strong for the next 15 years? It’s crazy, but we’ll see. We’ll have to talk about it again in ten years to see how it’s doing.

Alcaraz has it all, that’s too sure. Be 19 years old and play at the level he plays. It’s mainly in the head to play under this pressure and to be so efficient, it’s great.”

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