Be thankful for these soon-to-be-gone college football stars

Rivalry week is a bittersweet time on the college football calendar. In many ways, it’s the best of the sport. Schools with deep-seated dislike for each other matching up in games that matter even if the standings say they shouldn’t.

Because of bowl opt-outs, rivalry week is also the last time many college football players will ever suit up for their teams. It represents the end of an era. Players who’ve mattered to the fabric of college football from anywhere from three seasons to six will finally say their goodbyes.

Given that rivalry week also coincides with Thanksgiving, 247Sports figured it’d be a good time to note some college football players we’re thankful to see play one or two more times before they depart the stage for good.

Some of these players are seniors with expired eligibility. Some of them are juniors very likely to test the NFL waters. They’ve all mattered greatly to college football the last few seasons.

These are some of the players I’ll miss most with their careers coming to an end.

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