Davis set to make Draftable’s debut

Memphis guard Kendrick Davis was recognized twice within the last week.

First, he received a grade of A- from Travis Branham as one of the most impactful transfers in all of college basketball so far this season.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but one of the top performing transfers out of the 2022 portal this season has been Memphis’ Kendrick Davis.

The six-foot point guard was one of the top scorers in the country at SMU last season and sliding over to a school in the same conference that offers immense freedom offensively, made for a seamless transition.

Up to this point in the season, Davis has been outstanding averaging nearly 20 points a game and showing up in the big games. However, one knock to have on Davis lies in his efficiency.

There has been a big dip in his shooting percentages this season, particularly in his long-range shooting but overall, Davis has put points on the board in a big way for Penny Hardaway and it’s helping the Tigers win games.

Not surprisingly, those performances have also started to resonate with NBA scouts as Davis was also listed as one of six new names that will be added to The Draftables when it is updated later this week.

The Draftables provides a comprehensive list of every NBA prospect playing college basketball, sorted into five different categories, but not yet otherwise ranked.

Davis began his career at TCU, spent the next three at SMU, and is now finishing at Memphis. In the last three years, there haven’t been many more consistent scorers in all of college basketball as he’s consistently averaging right around 20 points per game.

As an undersized, volume scoring guard, Davis doesn’t necessarily fit a prototype that is in high demand in today’s NBA, and thus wasn’t included in the first volume of The Draftables.

While his overall efficiency hasn’t been especially good this year, in large part because of his shooting splits (39% field goal, 28% three-point), his combination of skill and playmaking is such that could really benefit from NBA caliber spacing .

Whether or not that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but like Appleby, he is likely to get post-season opportunities whether that is at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament or the G League Elite Camp.

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