Triple Eight Camaros subject to protest has learned that the Triple Eight Camaros who finished first and second in the Supercars opener today are subject to a post-race protest.

T8 drivers Shane van Gisbergen and Broc Feeney recorded a dominant one-two to kick off the Gen3 era on the streets of Newcastle earlier tonight.

Although a simple result on the surface, news has since emerged of a protest over the two Red Bull Camaros.

The cars were held in parc fermé after the race, with sources saying the protest is linked to driver chilling.

It is understood that dry ice was added to both cars via the driver’s side door during their respective second stops.

Although it is not strictly against the rules to recharge the driver’s cooling and hydration systems, it is usually done through the passenger door.

This is due to the rules specifically stating that: “Any driver’s cooling system containing coolant must be mounted in the cockpit using the mounting points designated in the GSD for the passenger seat”.

Triple Eight is also believed to traditionally use an electric cooling system rather than a dry ice system.

A Motorsport Australia spokesperson confirmed a protest had been received, but did not elaborate on the situation beyond that.

A hearing is expected to take place this evening.

Triple Eight declined to comment on the matter when approached by

Cabin heat has been an issue for Triple Eight this weekend, with van Gisbergen pushing for category-wide changes to heat protection rules following yesterday’s practice.

This was largely based on concerns about his feet burning on the pedals.

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