Piastri has no regrets over McLaren F1 switch

The Australian became the first driver of the new season to retire from a race when he stopped on lap 13 of 57 in Bahrain due to a wiring problem which could not be resolved in opting for a new steering wheel.

Meanwhile, teammate Lando Norris had to refuel six times to replenish the Mercedes-supplied engine air system, which developed a pressure leak. He finally finished 17th, last of the starters.

Despite the unreliability, McLaren were quietly happy with their pace, which could have put them in contention for points, having heavily underplayed pre-season expectations.

As Alpine driver Pierre Gasly moved from last on the grid to ninth place, some were quick to mock Piastri for his rocky exit from Alpine last summer amid a contract dispute.

But the FIA ​​F2 and F3 champion hit back at those suggestions, saying that beyond the car’s pure performance, he was drawn to McLaren because the team made him feel wanted.

Piastri, who moved after the Contract Recognition Board’s decision against his contract with Alpine which would have likely sent him on loan to Williams, said: “For me it was never really a decision of the two teams. That was never really the case.”

“For me, it was clear that I wanted to join McLaren with the passion they showed for having me in the team, which was a huge, huge factor in that regard.

Oscar Piastri, McLaren

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Images

“So I don’t really see it in the same light. But obviously I’m very focused on where I am now and trying to help the team move forward and get back to where we are. want to be.”

Piastri says he remains convinced by the relaunch plan presented by McLaren, with a greatly improved B-specification car scheduled for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, round four at the end of April.

He was also asked if there was any disappointment now that McLaren were less competitive than when they signed in August, as they were then battling Alpine for fourth in the constructors’ championship.

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Piastri replied: “Obviously we’re not where we want to be at the moment. We’ve been very open about it.

“We have a good development plan in place to try and get back to where we should be, which is chasing after the top three or four teams.

“Getting on the same level as these top three or four teams is tough. We’ll see what these new developments we have in Baku bring us.

“But obviously it will be one step in what is a multi-step plan throughout the year.”

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