Quantum Universe is our future

Im Byoung-min/Columnist

“Metaverse” is a 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, which deals with anthropology, religion, computer science, politics, cryptography, and the mafia in science fiction films, a compound word of “meta” and “universe”, a misdirection derived from science fiction. It is an ironic phenomenon that companies and scholars jump on the bandwagon rather than thinking that companies and scholars correctly direct and fix things derived from and distorted meanings. After that, countless people have been talking and getting excited for several years, as if suddenly the metaverse is the future of IT from 2019.

From a professional point of view, the metaverse is a false compound word. Metaverse is short for metauniverse. Meta means data and universe means. For the ordinary person, metadata is a note attached when buying clothes, which is summary data about clothes, such as size, material, washing instructions, etc., or summarized data such as title, author, publication date, etc. when choosing a book in a library. If the metaverse is summary data in a virtual space, it is a wrong meaning and expression.

The metaverse must be correctly expressed as the Quantumverse (Quantum Universe), and the Quantum is the smallest physical unit of all matter, and this is the correct expression and meaning of all matter active in the universe, and the Quantumverse (Quantum Universe) is accurate. Like human inspiration, the Quantum Universe will be able to play freely while creating an infinite virtual space universe.

In the coming days, problems that could not be solved even if it took decades for conventional computers to solve quantum algorithms could easily be solved in just a few minutes, calculation problems that are considered theoretically impossible today. The computer we are using today is a bit computer, and the next-generation quantum computer currently being developed is a qubit computer. In simple terms, the principle of a bit computer applied the binary method and bundled 8 bits to form a unit called a byte. In reality, 1 byte consists of 7 bits, one of which is a check bit that checks for errors in 7 bits. The binary system is one of the techniques for expressing mathematics. In the binary system using 0 and 1, 8 bits are called 1 byte, and 16 bits, 32 bits, 64 bits, etc. are expressed. The future quantum computer, or qubit computer, is a quantum computer based on Superposition, Entanglement, and Measurement or interference.

Quantum Universe provides two-way communication between quantum computers (qubits) and classical computers (bits) that can process quantum mechanics algorithms, supports data in the cloud environment, and provides honest real-world authentication such as faster and more accurate information. It will eliminate confusion and make visitor authentication and security (credit) management transparent as usual. In the Quantum Universe, avatars with trust will emerge, and the important fact here is that only trustworthy avatars should be able to operate in virtual space, leaving the small global village and creating a bright future in the wide universe.

Anyway, the excellent performance of the quantum computer is harmonized with the classical computer to share agricultural and fishery farming technologies by country to solve food shortages, support for sharing farmed agricultural products, provide faster transportation such as electric vehicle self-driving drone taxi transportation, and low orbit of less than 118km Satellite communication will not only unify the world’s smartphone communication, but also create various business models from satellites, and in particular, it will be possible to communicate with smartphones even in vulnerable areas around the world with low-orbit communication satellites. Low-orbit satellites will also support space debris collection efforts. The world has become smaller. In the virtual space of the Quantum Universe, everything will move at high speed.

Aurora/ Image source: Wikipedia

When you open your eyes, the world is a mystery itself. How can grass, flowers, trees, and even a small stone have different shapes and different colors? And will the various seeds open their eyes and grow, and each different animal will conceive and grow? All of these things we talk about and constantly research and pursue are the essence of quantum mechanics.

Here, a quantum is a particle and a wave as the smallest unit of matter constituting all matter, and everything that spreads as energy somewhere in the universe is inanimate. While building the Quantum Universe, in the virtual space of many imaginations and illusions, I think of the preciousness of life and feel the mysterious life and the dignity of life. We must give thanks to God who gives us the precious bread of life every day and infinite love every day, and we must give thanks every moment until our lives end and the quantum changes.

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