My Hero Academia Season 6 Blu-ray Fixes Some Big Art Issues

My Hero Academia may be on a bit of a break right now, but the anime will bring season six back to life before long. The show promises to return to the air this weekend, and Izuku has a lot to do with the comeback. After all, the anime’s raid arc is over, and season six made sure to drop some bombshells before it closed. And now, the anime’s latest Blu-ray is tidying up some of season six’s shoddiest scenes.

The update comes from overseas as the first Blu-ray installment of My Hero Academia season six is ​​out. It didn’t take long for fans to comb through the release to see what changes it featured, if any. As fans expected, a number of edits are in the Blu-ray, and some of its biggest changes have to do with Twice.

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As you can see above, the Blu-ray for season six fixed up Twice’s design as his television stint last fall was somewhat underwhelming. My Hero Academia nailed the action of season six, but when it came to close-ups, Twice was done dirty. The Blu-ray fixes his shoddy character art, so Twice fans will not want to miss out on this update.

It wasn’t just stills fixed in this season six Blu-ray. The team at Studio Bones revised the scene between Shigaraki and Twice where the former fixes his friend’s mask. In another scene, the anime edited Shoji out of a scene as he was shown helping evacuations with Class 1-A and 1-B at one point. So obviously, some of season six’s first episodes struggled under a demanding timetable. Luckily, Studio Bones was able to revise these issues for home video, so here’s to hoping the second half of season six will not suffer from the same crunch.

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