Paul McCartney Needed Help From Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on a Disaster of a Macca Album

Paul McCartney was always a prolific songwriter. He wrote 10 of The Beatles’ No. 1 hits, and his success continued after the Fab Four fractured. Macca penned chart-topping tunes with Wings, as a solo artist, and as a collaborator. The Beatles coexisted with Pink Floyd for a few years, and although the two bands never worked together, Paul leaned on Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on the only hit song from what might be the biggest disaster of Macca’s solo career.

Paul McCartney (left) and David Gilmour | Michael Putland/Getty Images

Paul McCartney and The Beatles never worked with Pink Floyd

The Beatles and Pink Floyd didn’t overlap very much. The two bands’ recording careers synced up from 1967 to 1969. The Fab Four were extinct when Floyd found fame in the 1970s. Floyd and The Beatles never collaborated, yet the bands crossed paths in the few years they overlapped.

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