Buffalo Wild Wings Sues Over ‘Boneless Wings’


Buffalo Wild Wings is suing

Boneless wings are just breast…

Customer cries FOWL!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings tricks customers into believing they’re eating wing meat when they order boneless wings, when in reality it’s mostly chicken nuggets … at least according to a new lawsuit.

The named man is suing a national restaurant chain in a class action Aimen Halim, and he’s got some serious bone here. Sorry, we had to do it.

In the suit obtained by TMZ, Halim claims that Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings are not boneless wings at all, as they would have customers believe, but slices of breast meat deep-fried into wings that are more like nuggets than wings.

He says he fell victim to deceptive marketing.

Taste and transparency aren’t Halim’s only issues … he says BWW is misleading customers into selling a cheaper product more than it’s worth, and he accuses the chain of knowing it’s doing false advertising and refusing to change its ways.

Halim claims that other restaurants that sell boneless chicken, like Papa John’s, are careful not to market it as a wing… and he howls like crazy, BWW doesn’t even mention in fine print anywhere on the menu that the meat is actually the breast and not the wing.

Naturally, the guy goes to Buffalo Wild Wings for money.

We reached out to BWW…so far we haven’t heard back.

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