Wonder Woman Icon Lynda Carter Helps Convince Fan to Accept Her Trans Child

Original Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter brings an old fan back together with their trans child.

Twitter user @Thecorsairswife shared a screenshot on March 14 that featured a conversation from February regarding the poster’s father’s reluctance to accept them as trans. At that point Lynda responded, “Let him know that I would be proud of him if he could find it in his heart to accept his trans child.” @Thecorsairswife shared the exchange with the caption, “Hey (Lynda) a while ago you said this. I told him and I told him what you said. Thank you so much.”

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Carter, whose career began with beauty pageants in the ’70s before she broke into television, became a household name as the titular hero of 1975. Wonder Womanafterwards The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. The series ran for a total of 60 episodes, including the film pilot, across 3 seasons. In the 40s, Wonder Woman saw the Amazonian princess take on all manner of threats, ranging from her fellow gods to Nazi conspirators.

How Lynda Carter Became an LGBT+ Hero

Carter has long championed LGBT+ causes, even referencing the original Wonder Woman series in February when she said, “Over the years I’ve heard that ‘the spine’ has resonated with trans people. It’s no wonder why. We should all have the opportunity to be our truest, most empowered selves.” With “the spine”, she refers to the iconic transformation sequence of the Wonder Woman series, which would see Carter turn around quickly as her clothing blurred beyond recognition and she emerged in her costume.

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Carter remained closely connected to the Wonder Woman franchise has since given up the mantle, so she appeared in the 2020s Wonder Woman 1984, and was slated to appear in the now supposedly canceled third entry in the Patty Jenkins trilogy. Carter previously recalled her first time seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, saying, “I was thrilled. I stood, I clapped, I cried, I laughed. I held my daughter and husband’s hand.” Carter also added that it was “strange to see another woman take that mantle.”

Source: Twitter

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