Elon Musk told to “stay away” from Taylor Swift after comments she made about the singer.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s own feed on the social media platform is still a wild witness, as the millionaire now appears to be trying his luck with Lavender Haze singer Taylor Swift.

No, we can’t imagine a match, but Musk does replied to the tweet Dogecoin founder Billy Markus said on Friday that he thinks “his mastery of limbic resonance is extraordinary.”

Before you rush to a search engine to find out what that means, the PsychMechanics website says it’s also known as “emotional contagion or mood contagion.”

“Limbic resonance is defined as a state of deep emotional and physiological connection between two people. The limbic system of the brain is the seat of emotions.

“When two people are in limbic resonance, their limbic systems are in tune with each other,” the website states, referring to the idea of ​​”capturing” the other person’s emotions.

And if that tweet wasn’t enough of a hint that Musk appreciates the musician, under the photos posted by Swift from her current Eras tour, the Tesla founder responded with nothing but cigarette emojis.

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If the cigarette itself didn’t make us sick, that comment certainly did, and we’re assuming he said he “smokes” and he’s not comparing her to an item that increases your risk of lung cancer.

And soon Twitter users were nodding:

Others were concerned that Musk called Swift an informal term for cigarette, which is also a homophobic word:

Swift has not publicly responded to Musk’s comments.

If anyone owns an electric car company, we’re surprised Elon can’t stay in his lane.

Indy100 reached out to Elon Musk’s representative for comment.

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