A favorite item in the dressing room is Steven Spielberg Photo – The Hollywood Reporter

Drew Barrymore reveals her most prized possession she keeps in her dressing room, featuring her child star and Oscar-winning director.

Host and executive producer The Drew Barrymore Show told The Wall Street Journal In an interview published online Thursday, that her favorite thing in her dressing room is “a picture of me and Steven Spielberg on set. ET

The Charlie’s Angels the actress played Gertie in the Spielberg-directed film, the little sister of Elliot (Henry Thomas), who helps a friendly ET return to his home planet.

“He didn’t have a father, he didn’t have that relationship with anybody, he was just so good and nurturing and kind,” she continued. “We still have a really great relationship. I thank him because if he hadn’t chosen me, my life would be really different. It’s crazy when you can really trace it back to someone.

Barrymore, who starred in dozens of hit movies such as Wedding singer, Never Kissed and 50 first datessaid she lives “to make him proud.”

During a recent interview The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Fabelmans’ the director said, “For the most part ET is a pretty perfect movie.”

“Sometimes I see things I had intended to do but didn’t, and other times I see things that would have been a better idea than what I’m seeing now all these years later,” he added. “But … (ET is) one of the few films I’ve made that I can watch over and over again.”

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