While the country struggles with book bans, St. Cloud mostly unaffected

As parents and school districts across the country debate banning books in schools, the St. Cloud area has remained mostly unaffected, according to local leaders.

According to a national report released in September, more than 1,600 book titles have been removed from public school libraries in more than 2,500 individual cases. These cases were recorded by PEN America, a national nonprofit focused on defending freedom of expression through literary work.

St. Cloud area schools still field requests, but systems in place are designed to make the process civil.

Tami DeLand, director of community engagement and communications for St. Cloud Area schools ISD 742, explained that for her district a review begins with the concerned party “contacting the building administrator with their concern. The administrator talks with the concerned person and then schedules a review of the materials, informs the appropriate teacher, and tries to resolve the concern. Alternate resources can be provided for the student. If the concern is not resolved at the building level, steps are in place for the concern to then go before district administration.” A district review committee may be convened as well.

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