This Year’s OFFF Festival Channels A Brutalist Hero’s Journey For His Identity

At the end of March, OFFF will once again bring together some of the leading voices in the creative industry who are setting trends in new imagery and aesthetics in design, art, entertainment and post-life culture. digital.

The festival will be held from March 23 to 25 at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, ​​​​a few weeks earlier than usual, since in April the digital art exhibition “Digital Impact” will be held for the first time in the same place. .

Featured guests include Spanish artist, graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Alex Trochut; Brian Collins, Founder and Director of COLLINS, the BAFTA and Oscar-winning design studio Framestore; the muralist and illustrator Timothy Goodman and the famous American art director, designer and author Jacques-Victor; among many others.

The expanded program will feature iconic graphic designer David Carson, who will lead a workshop where festival-goers can create their own poster using his famous collage technique; internationally acclaimed designer and artist Gemma O’Brien will lead an exclusive workshop in her bold artistic language, and Italian foundry Zetafonts will give a hands-on typography session.

Credit: OFFF / Vasava

As always, OFFF has distilled the essence of the experience into a unique and stunning visual identity for this year’s festival: “Cube”.

‘Cube’ is designed to embody the wonder and surprise that artists elicit from audiences and begins with a collection of rooms symbolizing the diversity of festival stakeholders and artists’ creative practices.

Centerpiece of the campaign, a cubic-shaped object serves as a traveler on this journey. It floats through the rooms, taking in the unique qualities of each space and transforming its shape, color and texture to reflect the transformative inspiration audiences receive from OFFF speakers. The rooms themselves exhibit varying behaviors, further emphasizing the imperfect and ever-changing nature of the creative process.

The concept and creative execution of ‘Cube’ was led by Barcelona-based agency Vasava, who are also responsible for the festival’s wider brand identity.

Credit: OFFF / Vasava

Credit: OFFF / Vasava

“This year, our approach was to capture the ambiance of the place,” explained Enric Godes, managing partner at Vasava. Godes told Creative Boom that his team was inspired by the raw, concrete architectural aesthetic of the Disseny Hub. Vasava’s goal was to translate this aesthetic into “the story of a hero’s journey, where the Cube – which represents the audience – wanders through all the different stages and spaces of the festival. It allows us to show, metaphorically , ideas about the artists, the process, the skills, the offcuts, and as a result, it gives us a deeper understanding of the creative process.”

To achieve this, Vasava collaborated with Found Studio to create stunning CGI and further develop the narrative. This collaboration brought the “Cube” to life, while Combustion Studio provided a unique sound design to complete the immersive experience.

Credit: OFFF / Vasava

Credit: OFFF / Vasava

With its visually stunning and thought-provoking concept and line-up of stars, OFFF 2023 promises to be a truly inspiring event that celebrates diversity, constant change and the power of creativity. Tickets for the festival are now on sale at

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