Groom Surprises Bride By Making Her Live Painting

A groom created a live canvas painting for his bride using his skills.

Wedding gift culture is well-known throughout the world and has become more prevalent in the era of social media. On social media, there have been a number of videos going around in which grooms are seen giving their brides lovely presents.

A video of an Indian groom using his artistic talents to create a gift for his bride is currently going viral online.

“Groom dancing for his Bride is too common!! Ye dekho kuch alag!!! Love for my Bride & now wife!,” Varun Jarsania the instagram user wrote in the post.

Varun, the bride’s husband, painted her in an original upside-down picture on the canvas, which was then flipped over to reveal the true artwork.

Watch the video here:

“Thank you for not just not doing “kuch alag” as a groom but for trying to do “kuch alag” every possible day of our lives…,” wrote one user.

“He raised the bar way too high for everyone else,” commented another user.

“Talent at the Next Level,” said a third user.

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