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#ceramics #Claire Lindner #gradients #sculpture

March 10, 2023

Grace Ebert

“Vertical entanglement” (2022), 120 x 100 centimeters. All images © Claire Lindner, shared with permission

Though set in glazed, fired ceramic, Claire Lindner’s voluptuous sculptures are primed for movement as they seem to crawl up walls or grow upwards like the leaves of a plant. Mimicking the spongy texture of living specimens like mushrooms, sea moss, and roots, the works embody multiple dualities ranging from hard and soft to stasis and growth. The animated pieces also reference the relationship between biological processes and human intervention, as the artist (previously) sculpts organic shapes and covers them with abnormally bold gradients.

Lindner, who lives in the countryside in Montpellier, has a work to In + Without on view until April 6 at Unit London and will be included in the group exhibition of the LOEWE Foundation scheduled for May at the Noguchi Museum in New York. She is also in full residency with the European Institute of Ceramic Art, which will lead to an exhibition planned for June at the Théodore Deck Museum. Follow the artist’s latest projects and chances to see the works in person on her site and Instagram.

A photo of a colorful ceramic sculpture with a red to purple gradient

“Red and blue disentanglement n°3” (2022), 48 x 38 x 10 centimeters

A detail shot of a green to orange degraded sculpture that features multiple interlocking ceramic pieces

Detail of “Vertical entanglement” (2022), 120 x 100 centimeters

A photo of a colorful ceramic sculpture that appears to grow upwards like a plant and is covered in a pink to orange gradient

“Waltx n°1” (2022), glazed stoneware, 39 x 36 x 32 centimeters

A photo of a faded green to orange sculpture that features multiple interlocking ceramic pieces

“Vertical entanglement n°2” (2022), 120 x 65 centimeters

A photo of a ceramic sculpture made up of multiple tendrils that appear to cascade down the wall in a blue to orange gradient

“Red and blue unraveled silhouette n°1” (2023), glazed stoneware, 116 x 46 x 13 centimeters

#ceramics #Claire Lindner #gradients #sculpture

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