Architectural Digest presents Louisa Pierce of Birmingham

Vintage pieces mingle with family heirlooms and personalized creations. (Pierce and Ward/Instagram)

AD 100 designer Louisa Pierce was featured in a recent issue of Architectural Digest. The piece showcased his century-old English Tudor-style home right here in Birmingham. Keep reading for more info on Pierce’s home and his family’s move to The Magic City.

What we know about Louisa Pierce

Architectural Digest edited image 5 features Birmingham's Louisa Pierce
The 1920s kitchen of our dreams. (Pierce and Ward/Instagram)

Featured in Architectural Digest’s AD 100, Pierce, her husband Austin Scaggs and their two children left their Nashville home with no idea where they would end up. The family had tried several cities across the United States until they finally found their home in Birmingham. Pierce had grown up in The Magic City but hadn’t returned since she was 18.

According to Architectural Digest, Pierce’s parents had recently returned to Birmingham and “amazed at how much it has changed for the better”. Today, Birmingham is home to thriving creative scenes, perfect for all poetic art and design needs.

Pierce and Scaggs’ Tudor-style home sits on a bluff overlooking Birmingham city center in an area filled with 1920s properties. Pierce shared his experience finding his family’s home with Architectural Digest.

“We both immediately looked at each other like, ‘This is it. Here’s the house.'”

Louisa Pierce

The feature includes photos of Pierce’s home from the 1920s with a unique mix of vintage pieces that make each room feel like the family has been there forever.

What is AD 100?

IMG 1772 Architectural Digest presents Louisa Pierce of Birmingham
Louisa Pierce and Emily Ward pose for the feature film AD 100. (Pierce and Ward/Instagram)

The AD 100 is a list produced by Architectural Design of the top 100 talents in interior design, architecture and landscape. The 2023 list included Pierce and his collaboration with designer Emily Ward. The design duo have their own company, Pierce and Ward, with clients including Dakota Johnson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

We know Birmingham is home to a lot of talent. Pierce and other creatives continue to prove that The Magic City is one of the greatest cities in the world!

To keep up with Pierce and his artistic journeys, follow Pierce and Ward on Instagram, Facebook and check out their website.

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