11 Ways to Make International Flights Better, Per Flight Attendant

Book connecting flights with at least a two-hour layover between them, especially if you’re traveling through the US.

Some airports can be challenging to navigate, especially if you’re in a rush or don’t speak the native language.

Tiffany Hawk

Just because an airline will sell you a ticket with an hour or 90-minute connection doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to make said connection.

Between flights, you may have to collect your checked bags and navigate some kind of checkpoint.

For example, when arriving in the US, travelers usually have to clear immigration and customs; take a long walk, tram, or bus to a different terminal; and then start the entire security process all over again with the newly arrived crowds.

In most cases, airlines consider it your responsibility to arrive at the flight’s gate on time, even if they advertised a pairing with a tight turnaround time or changed your itinerary to that pairing after you booked.

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